Pure & Clean

All of the water we provide to our customers is from local sources and is continually tested to insure that it is clean and ready to use in your home or business.

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For Family

The water in your home has been treated and is safe and clean. You can depend upon the quality of the water you receive and know that it is perfect for consumption, bathing, or for any other use.

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Adair County

Each Year Adair County homes and businesses use millions of gallons of water. We are blessed to have two large reservoirs which have more than enough water for use.

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Water Towers

Adair County PWSD #1 has a variety of water storage towers and tanks located throughout the area. Our water storage units are continually filled using automated technology.

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Customer Info

All of the information you need for billing, making payments or to report any issues such as leaks. Notice to New Customers also can be found in this section.

Rates & Fees

All of the rates and fees you should expect when you become our customer. You will also find additional useful information for becoming a customer.

Online Application

If you are ready to establish a new connection or to apply for service, you can fill out the application on the following page. Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions.

Latest Projects

  • Storage Tank #1
    Storage Tank #1

    Water Storage Tank #1 is located at Clayway and Missouri Highway 11. It's water capacity is 100,000 Gallons. It is gravity fed continually 24 hours a day....

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  • Storage Tank #2
    Storage Tank #2

      Water Storage Tank #2 is located on Missouri State Highway 6, approximately 1 mile west of Novinger. It has a 150,000 gallon water capacity and provides water...

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  • Storage Tank #3
    Storage Tank #3

      Water Storage Tank #3 is the tallest tank in our system. It is located on Missouri Highway 149 and has a water capacity of 200,000 gallons. The...

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  • Storage Tank #4
    Storage Tank #4

      Adair County PWSD #1 Storage Tank 4 is located on Missouri Highway 149 and Horizon Trail. It has a water storage capacity of 50,000 Gallons and is fed...

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Adair County PWSD #1