Customer Information

Important Information -- Please Read!

Please notify us promptly:457

  1. If you move: Give name, account number, date you plan to move, new location including account # if possible, and the name of the owner and/or former occupant. Give name of person who will move into the place you are leaving, or date to disconnect if it will not be occupied.
  2. If your meter stops registering, there is no service charge for replacing a stopped meter.
  3. In case of outage or trouble with water service, please:
    • Call your neighbors to see if they have service.
    • Be sure the trouble is not in your lines.
    • Report any outage or trouble immediately.
    • If you have noticed anything that may have caused trouble such as broken lines, please report it to the party you are calling.
    • WARNING: Don't attempt to make any repairs on meter installation or district supply line. Call 665-4280/665-8378 for further assistance.
  4. Report all possible water leaks. Remember leaks can cause water rates to increase. To report leaks call 665-4280/665-8378 during work hours. A reward of $25.00 will be paid for any verified leak found on our Distribution System.
  5. All customers who reside in a multiple dwelling unit, own a recreational vehicle court, or own a trailer court shall be subject to a monthly demand charge. If the customer has a 3/4 inch meter, the monthly demand charge is $10.00 for each additional unit.
  6. Board Ruling (minutes Sept. 1, 1977) Adair County PWSD #1 will allow only one household per meter.

Instructions for Payment

Your account number is important! It identifies your account with your location on our line. If you move please notify us at once to receive instructions, as the Account Number will be changed.

This is your water district. Its success depends upon you as a member. Let's be a good cooperator by being prompt and accurate.

  • You should receive your bill by the 1st of each month
  • Bill is due by the 15th of every month
  • If you fail to pay by the 15th of each month - add 10% for penalty
  • All payments received on the 16th of the month or after, or those received by mail and postmarked the 16th will be subject to 10% penalty
  • Forward your billing statement with check or money order - NOT CASH - payable to the Public Water District No. 1
  • Accounts not paid by the 30th of the month will be subject to disconnection without further notice
  • Consumers disconnected for non-payment will be charged $50.00 reconnection charge

Auto Debit

The Adair County PWSD1 can now do an automatic debit from your checking or savings account. You will still receive a bill in the mail showing the amount, but it will be labeled "electronic payment customer - do not pay". The amount due will be deducted from your account on the 10th of every month. To enroll, please fill out the Debit Authorization form & return to us (not via e-mail) with a voided check.

DNR Testing Fee

The Water District Board of Directors added a charge on your bill to properly reflect a DNR testing fee. The Department of Natural Resources testing fee, which was signed in law August 28, 1992, goes directly to the Department to fund Federally required water testing and will allow the State to control water quality testing and enforcement instead of EPA. This State control is called "maintaining primacy" of enforcement of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. We feel that keeping the monitoring of water quality at State level will better address local concerns by providing technical assistance rather than fines. $0.44 is charged on each month's bill and must be paid by all users with meters 1" in size or less. Fees are $5.28 per customer, per year. Meters larger than 1" have a higher fee of $1.75 per month, $21.00 per year.

Cross Connections and Interconnections

427From Rules and Regulations, Section 5 - Service, Paragraph J: Cross Connections and Interconnections

The District will not allow to be made any physical connection in its water supply system to that of any other pipe system or equipment where such other pipe system or equipment in any manner receives all or any part of its supply of water directly or indirectly from wells, streams, or any source other than that of the water system of the District.

No interconnection or cross-connection, as defined below, shall be permitted. The making, causing or permitting of the installation or existence of any interconnection or cross connection shall constitute a violation of the Rules and Regulations of the District, and such prohibited connection shall be removed forthwith in a manner acceptable to the District and the duly constituted public health officials.

Failure to do so within two days from after the date of notification by the District may result in discontinuance of water service without further notice.

Delinquent Accounts

All monthly water service account are due and payable on the 1st day of each month for the water used in the previous month. Accounts not paid by the 15th of each month are delinquent and a 10% delinquent charge will be added. A delinquent notice will not be mailed on accounts not paid by the 20th of the month. Accounts not paid by the last day of the month will be subject to disconnection. No disconnection notice will be sent. Disconnection will be made as soon after the 1st day of the month as practical and no further attempt will be made to locate the customer.

When the service has been disconnected, service will be restored only as follows:

  1. the delinquent bill, penalty, and current bill must be paid in full;
  2. a reconnection fee must be paid.

The reconnection of service will be made only after the above payments are made and only during regular working hours.

Service Fee Amount To be Assessed Against The Customer
Returned Check $25.00 All checks returned to the Water District will be charged a $25.00 handling charge.
Collection Charge $35.00 To be assessed against the customer who requires an employee of the water district to make a trip in an attempt to collect the water bill.
Reconnection Fee Reconnection fees start at: $50.00 Who requires an employee of the Water District to make a trip to reconnect a water service after disconnection for unpaid bill. All unpaid accounts in addition to their reconnection fee must be paid in full before water service is reconnected.
After Hours Call Out - Customer Problem $75.00 Requires an employee of the Water District to make a trip after or before normal operating hours (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) to a residence for a customer problem.

Notice to New Customers

Due to the Identity Theft Prevention Program adopted by the Board of Directors of the Adair County PWSD #1:

  1. New Accounts for new customers will only be opened when the primary customer can identify himself or herself with a driver’s license or other photo ID, and a valid social security card.
  2. A photocopy of the individual’s driver’s license and a notation of their Social Security Number will be retained in a paper file inaccessible to the general public. Their Social Security Number will not be entered into the computerized billing system.
  3. If the primary party responsible on an account is changed, it will be treated as a new account and the security procedures described above will be followed.