Our Service Area

Our Service Area

Adair County PWSD #1 services all of Adair County with the exception of the city of Kirksville. Our sole purpose is to provide water to every home and business in this area. We currently operate four large water storage tanks in the Adair County area. These tanks receive water on an as-needed basis and are monitored electronically every day.

Adair Co Map

All water service in the Adair County Area is piped to each location. The water pressure is provided by gravity and should maintain a constant pressure throughout the year. We currently service over 600 miles  of water mains to over 3000 customers. Our service area includes the cities of Brashaer, Novinger, and LaPlata. In addition, we also serve a small number of customers in Macon County.

About 99% of the water we use comes from the City of Kirksville, which receives water from local sources. The main sources of water are Forest Lake (573 acres) and Hazel Creek Lake (530 acres). The Kirksville plant (where our water is received from) runs just below 50% capacity (or about 3,000,000 gallons).


To better service our area, Adair County PWSD #1 has employed an airplane since 2014 to flyover the county in order to read meters. It takes approximately 6-7 hours to complete the flyover. Before this method was employed, it took approximately 30 hours to read meters. We believe this method is safer, faster, and more cost-effective.